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Well, hello there, gorgeous!

Welcome to my little corner of the internet. Nice to see you around. I’m Stephanie, a San Francisco-based food and lifestyle photographer turned food blogger. Seven years ago, I walked away from Big Law life, picked up my camera, and began my own pursuit of happiness.

Branded Lifestyle Photography

After 6+ years as a full-time wedding & portrait photographer, I was feeling pulled to go in a different direction creatively and professionally. I realized that I had the ability to help other soul-centered entrepreneurs and fellow creatives connect with their communities through beautiful, lifestyle-inspired imagery — photos that were unique to their mission and purpose and showcased all the awesomeness they had to offer. Well, that just thrilled me to no end. Branded lifestyle photography felt like the natural next step in my entrepreneurial journey. I particularly enjoy working with my fellow female business owners and uplifting women in every stage of life.

If you’re in need of customized stock photography for your website or marketing materials (both on and offline) and/ or modern business portraits (aka not-so-headshoty headshots) for you or your employees, let’s get some coffee and chat about your vision. Feel free to use the Contact page here on my site or email me directly at

Food Photography & Twentieth Street

I have a confession. I’ve fallen in love. I’m totally smitten with … food photography. I aim to create vibrant and captivating scenes that emphasize the natural, mouthwatering beauty of food and invite the viewer into the story in a way that leaves them feeling warm, welcome, and of course, hungry! I fully believe that food is a universal language with the power to connect us all and I enjoy the entire creative process of working with food as my subject -from recipe development to photo styling and yes, even the time spent editing in Lightroom. ;)

Looking for a way to challenge my food photography skills and keep my eye sharp, I recently launched a cooking and lifestyle blog called Twentieth Street. Twentieth Street’s mission is to inspire my fellow home cooks and help them find joy in the kitchen again with recipes that are easy, accessible, (mostly) healthy, and of course, delicious! All recipes found on Twentieth Street are gluten-free and at least make an attempt at being healthy. ;)

I am available for any and all freelance food photography, brand collaborations, custom stock photography, gluten-free recipe development, and social media content creation. If you’d like to collaborate on something fun & delicious, I would love to hear from you! Feel free to use the Contact page here on my site or email me directly at


(Adorable Family Photo by Christina Piombetti)







I believe photography has the power to transport us to another time and place in an instant. Whether it be the fashion and culture of a bygone era or that one Christmas where grandma made the best meal ever, photography can transport us to that very same place & time, flooding us with emotion all over again.

I believe in laughing till your abs are sore.

I believe food brings us together and creates a community. Regardless of what language you speak, you will know exactly what someone thinks of you from the meal they serve you.

I believe food is our history. It’s through dishes our grandmothers made that we feel the love of generations before us. It’s through the recipes our grandfathers brought from their homelands that we feel connected to cultures outside our borders. And it’s through the meals our friends invite us to share that we experience their history, their culture, their community, and their love.

I believe we owe it to ourselves and our loved ones to be IN the photos. One day, pictures will be all that remains to remember us by, so who cares if your hair's a mess or you have food on your face? Your grandchildren certainly won't. Smile, & relish the thought that one day, probably about 30 years from now, all you'll see is how happy you were to be alive that one day so long ago.

I believe a photo is worth more than a thousand words. A single frame can tell the entire story of a relationship, demonstrate the driving mission behind a business, or reveal the soul of a human being all within its four corners. 

I believe you & I can make magic together.

I do NOT believe in saying cheese, but I do believe in eating it!

I believe love is the purpose of life. Romantic love, parental love, self-love. To love and be loved, what more do you need?