"I needed some headshots taken and, because I’d had them done so many times in the past with mediocre results, I was dreading the idea of another session. I was familiar with Stephanie’s work and always loved her photography. At the time when I reached out to her, she mentioned that she was working on experimenting with boudoir photography. I had no previous experience with boudoir photography but I was very curious! After discussing further, we ended up booking a session that involved boudoir and headshots! It was the best photo session I’ve ever experienced. I felt so at ease with her because she’s calm, respectful, confident, and passionate about what she does. My favorite thing about working with her was how open she was to my suggestions and ideas. I felt soooo comfortable with her which in turn, allowed me to relax and be myself in front of the camera. She’s also great at giving direction which is incredibly important when working with a photographer. I don’t always know how my body reads on camera and I need guidance, otherwise I feel awkward and too self-aware.  Stephanie’s incredibly talented and truly a pro. I absolutely love how the photos turned out.  We ended up with such a diverse set of photos! It's hard to believe they all came from the same session. I hope to shoot with her again someday in the future." - Samantha, voice-over artist & actress

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Stephanie Toscano