Project One: Toscano Reiki

Toscano Reiki

In her pre-session branding questionnaire, Ellen Toscano of Toscano Reiki said she wanted photos that allowed her clients to see her as “comforting and easygoing,” and allowed her inner light and joy to shine through. It was important that her personal branding photos feel earthy, calming, feminine, inviting, and strong - all while maintaining an ethereal yet powerful quality. She wanted to convey a connection to nature, love, and light. The photos were used for her brand new website, social media marketing, and newsletter campaigns.

Session Details

Ellen said she felt most connected to trees and flowing water, so we chose a location that had a stream running in the midst of a redwood forest. When we arrived at the spot, we saw that someone had made a giant heart out of fallen branches and leaves. (We took it as a sign we were at the perfect location for the shoot!) During the session, we focused on capturing lifestyle portraits with a dreamy nature-woodland-goddess feel, along with custom stock photos of the nature details that surrounded us.

Stephanie Toscano