Project Two: Women’s Co-working & Meditation Space

The Practice - Women’s Co-Working & Meditation Space

Our goal with this shoot was threefold - to capture photos of the co-working space with the women who were currently members, to capture outdoorsy, natural portraits of owner/founder Michelle, and to capture custom stock photos of the physical space, some props used in the mediation classes, and general stock photos for social media outreach. The final photos were used for the company’s website, social media campaigns, newsletters, and print marketing.

Vibe & Feel

Owner/Founder Michelle wanted to be sure her branding photos had a natural feel while conveying a sense of sisterhood, community, support, and encouragement. Her vision was of a space that allowed women to let their guard down and listen to their true calling and purpose; a space that allowed women to explore their own personal growth while also providing a comforting, motivating environment for career growth. We utilized natural light to provide a slight ethereal feel while focusing on the details of the space and the connection between members. We also used the trees behind the studio to capture outdoorsy natural-light portraits.

Stephanie Toscano