Project Three: Songwriter/Musician

Maria Ibars - Singer/Songwriter/Musician

Maria was on a mission. After some major changes in her personal life, Maria wanted to escape her home in Spain for a solo vacation in a new and unfamiliar place. Somewhere that could shake her from her regular routine and provide room for reflection and growth. She found that in a little Airbnb in the redwoods of Northern California. In addition to daily tea and walks in the redwood forest, she turned to songwriting and music to help work through that time of personal challenges and growth. The result was a full album of original songs that healed her emotional wounds and connected her to art and nature in a way she never imagined.

Goals of the Shoot

For her shoot, Maria wanted to capture the environment that inspired her album. The little house she found on Airbnb, the redwoods she walked through almost daily, and the feelings of wandering through both a physical and emotional journey. We captured some traditional look-at-the-camera portraits in addition to lifestyle-inspired shots of Maria that represented that journey and the spaces that nurtured and promoted it. The photos were used for her album’s cover and artwork, promotional materials, social media marketing, and newsletters.

Stephanie Toscano