Food Still-Life & Stock Photos

Food Still-life & Stock Photos

Just a sampling of some food photos shot for brands, restaurants, bloggers, and stock photography sites. When working with restaurants, food brands, and food bloggers, my goal is to capture that particular brand’s aesthetic while delivering consistent, on-brand images to be used for recipe posts and as images for other non-recipe related lifestyle posts.

Session Details

All of my branding packages are appropriate for restaurants, food bloggers, and food brands. With the half-day and full-day packages, we will be able to create content for multiple posts (depending on preparation time and frequency of your posts, we can typically do a full month’s worth of food-related content in a half-day or full-day shoot). The full-day shoots are also great for quarterly content creation, depending on how frequently you post to your blog or social media. For restaurants or food bloggers who need a menu refresh, I also offer an hourly rate to capture just the food (no portraits or lifestyle images are included in the hourly rate, though).

Stephanie Toscano