Project Five: Handbag Lookbook

Jordana Paige Handbags

When Jordana was just a wee little thing in college, she was on the hunt for the perfect knitting bag. But everything she found was either too matronly or not nearly practical enough. So, like any brilliant woman with a problem, she created a solution herself. She designed a line of handbags that are chic, modern, youthful, and incredibly versatile. Needless to say, these aren’t your mama’s ol’ knitting bags! They’re primarily designed to carry your knitting essentials, of course, but are versatile enough to wear on days when your current #wip needs to stay home.

Session Details

For Jordana’s session, we wanted to show the handbags in their natural environment. Her ideal client was someone just like her - a young, stylish, professional woman who sometimes just wants to tote her knitting to the park her and at other times needs to leave the yarn & needles behind to meet friends for brunch, head into the office, or grab a happy hour cocktail after work. The photos from our session were used on Jordana’s website, for item listings in her online store, in newsletter and other marketing campaigns, and as general stock photos accompanying both personal and professional social media posts.

Stephanie Toscano