Because sometimes a selfie on your iPhone just won’t cut it. Because you have a story to tell. Because you care about creating authentic connections with your audience.


Why is personal branding photography so important?

Photography is now more important than ever in the age of digital marketing and social media. Visual imagery garners more attention online than almost any other form of media. To stand out from the crowd, drive more traffic to your site, increase your conversion rate, and make an impactful first impression, you need high-quality, professional, on-brand images that tell YOUR unique story and connect to YOUR tribe authentically. A strong online presence, with consistent and captivating visual content, can literally transform your business.

Who hires personal branding photographers?

Entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, authors, coaches, athletes, nutritionists, bloggers, restaurants - basically anyone with a product or service to offer the world. Influencers across all industries are using visual imagery everyday -on social media, blogs, websites, magazines, books, and so many other ways to propel their brand to higher profits.


Ok, I know visual marketing is important but, honestly, I just don’t have time for all that…

I get it. You put in hours upon hours but barely stay afloat when it comes to social media marketing. I COMPLETELY understand the struggle. My husband and I are both entrepreneurs, too, and I work from home with a very spirited (aka loud and distracting) preschooler. I know how hard it is to feel driven to work on your business yet want nothing more than to be present with your family at the same time. We only have so many hours in a day and it feels like no matter what we choose to spend them on, something else will be neglected.

I want to free you from that cycle. I want to give you the best gift any entrepreneur could have (besides unlimited coffee) - I want to give you the gift of TIME!!!

Imagine NOT constantly worrying about what you’re going to post that day or where you’re going to find the time to do it. Imagine having a plan of action laid out for the entire month or quarter created in just one day. Imagine on-brand, cohesive marketing campaigns going out in your sleep! Or while on vacation! Or when you’re having a lazy Netflix day on the couch! Imagine actually having time to do the things you love, with the people you love, all while staying top-of-mind with your customers and client base!

I can help you do that. Because your business deserves it, and YOU deserve it. So what are you waiting for?


Why should I hire you? My friend has a really good camera…

I’m sure she does, but this is about more than just a pretty picture. Personal brand photography is about creating a series of images that tell a story and connect with your audience through those ‘uncommon commonalities’ you share with them. Each shoot is specifically tailored to your needs and those of your brand or business. You may not have the time or the skills to create photos that perfectly capture your story and vision, but I do! I take the stress out of constant content creation by providing high-quality, consistent, on-brand images for your marketing and social media needs.

When you work with me, I can help you:

  • Create authentic connections with your audience that build trust

  • Tell the unique story of you and your brand - what makes you stand out

  • Make an impactful first impression on those finding you for the first time

  • Create your own personal library of meaningful images that resonate with your audience

  • Drive more traffic to your sites and increase conversion rates

  • Save time, grow your client base, and be more profitable! Woot-woot!

With me, you get more than just pretty pictures. You get a tailored experience designed to highlight your brand’s unique story, build a consistent visual identity across your social media, public relations, and other marketing platforms, and grow an audience that knows you, likes you, and trusts you.


What should I expect from our session?

Every session includes:

  • A thorough questionnaire to help identify the relevant details of your brand (logo, colors, etc), your ideal client, and your brand’s unique story

  • A pre-session planning consultation either via Skype or in person to strategize a plan for the shoot and nail down the details (props, outfits, locations, etc)

  • Location scouting and style guidance as you put together outfit ideas leading up to the shoot

  • Shoot day! We’ll capture everything from editorial portraits and lifestyle images to styled stock and product photos (if needed) that are consistent with your brand

  • Guidance and direction from me the entire time we’re shooting to draw out natural expressions and flattering poses. No need to feel awkward or wonder what to do with your hands ever again! :)

  • Fully edited, high-res images from the session delivered via a downloadable online gallery, plus all your images will also be resized and optimized for each of your preferred social media and online marketing channels.

Personal Branding photography sessions begin at $900 for a two-hour photo session. A signed contract plus 1/2 the session fee as a retainer is due at booking. Payment plans are available so please do not hesitate to ask.