A Few of My Favorite Things


Ravenclaw vs. Gryffindor

I know deep down I’m probably a Ravenclaw. But the Sorting Hat would take my love & admiration of Gryffindor into consideration when placing me, right?


35mm, medium format, instant, I love it all! Film, to me, looks the way memories feel. I shoot it for a lot of my personal work and would be happy to shoot some film for you, too. All you have to do is ask!


And more importantly, eating what I bake.


It doesn’t always have to be to faraway places or exotic locales. Just seeing something new, if it’s only an hour away from home, is always invigorating for the senses and leaves me feeling refreshed every time.

Movies & TV Shows           

I love getting lost in a good story, no matter the format. Plus, cinematography is a huge source of inspiration for me.

Guinea Pigs

They’re seriously the best pets ever. We currently have two: Juno & Violet and they’re smart, friendly, affectionate, and sweet. Someday, I want to open a guinea pig/small animal rescue and take them ALL in. <3

Anthropologie Catalogs

My dream is to live inside one but I’ll settle for just shooting one (hello, Anthro…can you hear me?)


I know, that’s a broad category. I truly love them all, though. Books are my friends, and a few of my bestest friends are historical fiction, biographies, sci-fi/supernatural, political commentary, memoirs. Honestly, there’s no ‘bad’ kind of book in my book!

Mexican Coke

My most favorite treat. It’s pure sugar, I know, but can we just go ahead and change the recipe for American Coke already? Real sugar and caramel for color ftw.

Crossword Puzzles & Jeopardy

I swear, I’m not 85. I’m just an old soul when it comes to hobbies.


See? Grandma hobbies. This is more of a fall/winter one for me though. Who wants a pile of yarn in their lap when it’s 90+ degrees and your San Francisco apartment doesn’t have A/C? Nobody, that’s who.


Wannabe yogi in training over here. It’s a challenge to stay committed to a daily practice but thinking about it as time for a mind-body connection rather than just another workout helps me stay motivated