Hiking In The Presidio


My little buddy asked to go for a hike and with the weather being as gorgeous as it is (though odd for December...), how could I say no? It's challenging sometimes to find hiking areas here in the city that are easy for toddler-sized legs but one particular spot in the Presidio came to mind. The trails near the Andy Goldworthy Spire. It's a nice, mostly flat trail with twigs and small rocks but no large roots or boulders on the trail that his little feet could trip over.

He absolutely loved it! We didn't go the full length of the trail simply because it was getting close to sunset but we will definitely be going back to explore a bit more. At one point, he told me, "I love hiking, Mommy! I could do this all day!" It was basically the cutest thing ever. 

I'm so grateful I got a kid who loves being outdoors and seems to have an innate appreciation for nature. And I'm grateful to live in a place with such easy access to nature and all the adventures it contains.

Want to hop in front of my lens and explore nature with me? Drop me a line!