How To Connect With Your Audience Using Personal Branding Photos

How To Connect With Your Audience - Post Graphic.png

Your audience can tell when you are not being authentic.

Think about it: when you’re scrolling on the ol’ Insta and an image catches your eye but something about the post feels a little … not so genuine, what do you do? Chances are, you keep on scrolling without so much as a second thought. And if you see too many posts like from a particular account you’re following –posts that that feel forced or sales pitchy or canned- there’s a pretty good chance you’re going to unfollow that person and never look back.

People don’t want cliche photos, canned captions, or sales pitches filling their feed.

Your audience opens up that Instagram app and hops onto their feeds because they want to feel something. They want inspiration, motivation, or connection to a real person. They want to see YOU. They want to know who you really are, what makes you unique, and what things they have in common with you. They need to feel like they’re getting to know you because if they don’t, it’s a hard leap for them to like and trust you.

If you want to connect with your audience, you need to show who you are consistently and authentically - and in a way that is visually on-brand with your business.

True connections are made through commonalities (shared experiences, likes, and interests), not a standard iStock photo and “isn’t the weather nice today? #blessed” as a caption. Is your fur baby your whole world? Do you love playing tennis? Cooking with your kids every Friday night? Heading out for family hikes on the weekends? Working from a coffee shop most days of the week? Chances are, your idea client or customer loves those things, too! And even if they’re not into hiking or don’t have a dog of their own, getting to know the human being behind the brand allows them the opportunity to TRUST that human being. They become more than just followers on social media. They become your cheerleaders, rooting you on your path to professional success by purchasing your products, hiring your services, and referring you to their friends and family.

Personal branding photos allow you to tell the story of the person behind the business – YOU!

But none of those connections can happen if you don’t show up in an authentic way. Wondering what that means, exactly? Well, when you book a shoot with me, for example, I’ll send over a detailed questionnaire so I can get to know all aspects of you and your brand. I want to hear all about your hobbies, things you like to do for yourself, your motivations behind starting your business, your goals both personally and professionally, and what it is you love most about serving your clients/customers. We’ll then figure out what aspects of your personality and your business connect most with your audience then design a shoot that captures them in a way that fosters true, authentic relationships with your followers. They’ll get to see a little bit of you and get a peak into your world. They’ll better understand your motivations and have the opportunity to connect with you on a more personal and fulfilling level. In short, they’ll become your biggest fans and supporters.

So what are you waiting for? Let's show the world your brilliance, professionalism, creativity, and general awesomeness through fabulous, flattering, authentic images that tell the story of YOU!