What is Personal Branding Photography Anyway?


So you’re probably thinking, “Personal branding… that’s basically just headshots, right?” Well, no, not exactly! Sure headshots are part of the personal branding experience but the goal of my personal branding shoots is a whole lot more comprehensive than that.

Importance of Visual Content in a Digital World

Between Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook, you may have noticed that the average user is constantly bombarded with images. Photography is now more important than ever in the age of digital marketing and social media. Posts on social media with eyecatching photos receive up to 40% more engagement than posts with just text! 40% Y’ALL!! That’s insane. More engagement means more eyes on your business, and more eyes on your business means more potential clients, and more potential clients means … higher profits!

But it’s not just any ol’ photo that increases engagement. A quick, grainy snapshot on your iPhone is going to have a hard time standing out from the crowd. To increase engagement and make meaningful connections with your audience, you need high-quality, professional, on-brand images that tell YOUR unique story and connect to YOUR tribe authentically. A strong online presence, with consistent and captivating visual content, can literally transform your brand. So basically great photos = higher profits in your business.

Goal of My Personal Branding Sessions

In my personal branding sessions, I aim to capture a combination of professional portraits (aka headshots, but not the stuffy corporate type you’re probably thinking of!), lifestyle images, product shots if you’re a product-based business, and behind-the-scenes shots of your workspace, your storefront, or simply you in action doing what you do best. We also work together to craft concepts that tell a story and allow your audience to relate to you through ‘uncommon commonalities’ - the things you love that your audience can related to (think: travel, cooking, hiking, quilting, whatever it may be!) These types of images tell the story behind your business or brand, capture your personality and your driving purpose, and create authentic connections with your audience so they can get to know you, like you, and trust you.

So Who Hires A Personal Branding Photographer?

Personal branding photos are an investment in yourself and your business or brand. Entrepreneurs, business owners, stylists, artists, musicians, authors, coaches, athletes, dentists, real estate agents, lawyers, nutritionists, bloggers, restaurants - basically anyone with a product or service to offer the world needs photos to communicate their offerings visually. Entrepreneurs and artists across all industries are using visual imagery everyday -on social media, blogs, websites, magazines, books, and so many other ways- to stand out from the crowd, drive more traffic to their websites, increase their conversion rates, make an impactful first impression, stay top-of-mind with current clients, and ultimately propel their brand to higher profits. If you have a product or service that you sell, you most likely need branding photos to communicate with your ideal clients and transform your business!

So what are YOU waiting for? Let’s connect and craft the perfect personal branding photo session to propel your business and create the personal and professional life you’ve always dreamed of!