Personal Branding Session for Toscano Reiki


This isn’t Ellen’s first time at the entrepreneurship rodeo. She’s a successful actress, auctioneer, singer/musician, and is thriving as a consultant at the upper levels of Rodan + Fields. She knows how to build trust in her products and services, how to serve an audience, and how to connect with them through words. What she needed for her next business venture, Toscano Reiki, was a way to connect with her audience visually. She wanted to maximize the growth she has achieved through social media marketing, namely on Facebook and Instagram, and utilize it to serve potential clients in a big way. So, with those goals in mind, we set off into the forest.

After completing my branding questionnaire and chatting through the details in our planning session, Ellen had a definite vision for the shoot. In the questionnaire, she said she wanted potential clients to feel drawn to her in a comforting and easygoing way. She wanted the photos to convey a sense of calm, peacefulness, and loving trust. As someone who feels deeply connected to the trees and flowing water, it was imperative the photos be shot in a woodsy outdoor location. Basically, we wanted to capture a woodland fairy goddess-of-the-universe vibe.

Ellen has two big goals for Toscano Reiki. With personal clients, her mission is to help them on their individual paths to happiness through reiki treatments and post-treatment advising. For her corporate clients, her mission is twofold: help employees relieve the physical symptoms of work-related stress so they are more efficient and productive on the job, and raise the consciousness of employers and employees who may not yet have discovered their own spiritual path or practice.

I may be biased, but I’d say we accomplished our goals with this shoot! Ellen now has a full gallery of high-quality, on-brand photos that communicate her business’s mission and purpose in a way that resonates with her audience. In one session, we were able to produce enough content for her to share at least one new photo a day, everyday, for a full quarter! The images allow her to raise brand awareness and connect with her audience authentically -- and even after posting everyday for the quarter, she still has images leftover to include in weekly newsletters and on her website!

So, how could a branding session help you achieve your business goals? Drop me a line and let’s get the discussion rolling!