Marin Lifestyle Session | Maria

I believe we’re most likely to seek out travel when we are in search of something. Sometimes it’s something obvious, like a change in scenery or routine. Other times, it’s not always so clear. Some unknown force draws us to another place and we’re fully aware of the urge to get-up-and-go but we’re not always sure why. Longing sets it, though you don’t really know for what. A place calls to you and speaks to you in ways previously unimaginable. It moves you. Transforms you.

Something kind of like that happened to Maria when she first visited the Bay Area, specifically Marin with its towering redwoods and warm spring sunshine. It moved her so much, it inspired an album. She wanted to capture that special place in a way that lived outside her memory alone and take it back home with her to Spain. Now she can revisit, rediscover, relive, and remember the place and the feeling whenever she wants

When I first showed the final photos to the husband, he said, “I can tell you had fun with these.” He hit the nail right on the head. Maria and I chatted about her album for a bit before we started shooting. Her music and the story behind it were inspiring and figuring out how to capture it authentically in her photos was invigorating. If you’re a creative professional and want to collaborate on a lifestyle/concept portrait session, hit me up. I want to tell your story.


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